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April 26 2016

Which weed control will it be?

Which weed control will it be?

As spring finally breaks and planting 2016 kicks in, the choices for effective weed control are endless. If you still have time to consider a pre-seed burndown in your area, or you are evaluating in-crop options, look for solutions with multiple mode...

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April 21 2016

What makes a great weed?

Well that depends on your perspective. If you are a weed, you’re great when you can survive and thrive, and even put up some resistance. If you are growing the crop, the only good weed is a dead weed. Managing herbicide resistance is on everyo...

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March 21 2016

What can I mix with INTEGO Solo?

Our 1-800 line is lighting up with lots of questions as everyone is itching to get into the field. We’ve had a number of questions about what can be tank mixed with INTEGOTM Solo seed treatment. We’re glad you asked because INTEGO Solo should ...

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February 18 2016

We’ve got nine burning reasons

Start your weed control program with a pre-seed burndown. Here are nine really good reasons why. 1 - Improved plant populations. Crops don’t have to compete with resource-robbing weeds, allowing for improved survivability and vigour. 2 - Bette...

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February 2 2016

Producers Can Set The Alarm A Little Later To Spray

Ever heard of the phrase 'the early bird gets the worm'? Well in the case of pre-seed burndown, that may not always be the case. According to the team from Farming Smarter, spraying first thing in the morning is the worst time of day to spray. ...

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November 24 2015

Aeration Advice: The Importance Of Canola Storage In Colder Temperatures

As the leaves finish changing and the weather begins to get colder, it becomes very important to be thinking about your canola storage. Entering early winter can cause a lot of problems for canola and that means the potential to lose a lot of mone...

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August 7 2015

The Hassle of Hail: How To Deal With The Aftermath

Golf ball, grapefruit, ping-pong – all ways to describe the variations of the damaging weather phenomenon known as hail. And the prairies get their fair share, especially the Calgary region due to the ‘proximity to the Rocky Mountains, elevati...

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August 5 2015

Tornados: What To Watch For

This has definitely been a summer of extreme weather all over Canada and one of the most extreme types of weather is a tornado, something that had been making headlines in western Canada. With most people’s knowledge of the storms coming from th...

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July 31 2015

Hot Weather And The Dynamic Duo Of Infestation

The scorching temperatures bring lots of problems for producers, and one in particular are insects that love the heat, according to a recent article by Alberta Farmer Express. “Some insects do extremely well in the dry conditions,” said Scott...

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June 24 2015

Wayne’s start of summer tips

Summer is officially here and our resident expert Wayne is back with some great tips for producers. From spraying temperatures to post-emergent herbicides, Wayne has you covered. 1. When you are spraying a broadleaf product on flax and the afterno...

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