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June 4 2018

Four in-season tips for Ontario growers

Four in-season tips for Ontario growers

It’s been an interesting spring season across Ontario. With planting wrapping up, we asked Nufarm’s Technical Services Manager James Ferrier (@FieldTalk) for a few of his in-season tips. Here are some of his recommendations for what growers shoul...

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April 30 2018

Harnessing the power of GA3 with new Proliant

Every plant species produces gibberellic acid (GA3) – a naturally occurring plant growth hormone. But when plants are under stress, they don’t produce as much GA3, and the plant’s potential can be knocked back. This can happen early in the seas...

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April 20 2018

Get these weeds under control

There’s no question about how important it is to get crops off to a clean start. “Anything we can do to help crops set better roots, take up more moisture, germinate faster and get out of the ground quicker will set up the crop for success for...

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April 5 2018

Set up your soybeans for success

If there’s one thing to focus on this spring for your soybean crop, let it be this – get them off to a clean start with early season weed control. “Getting good crop establishment is part of a strong weed control strategy” says Huston De B...

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March 22 2018

Turn up the burn on early season weeds

With the first hint of spring-like weather in the air, the countdown is on to getting your next crop in the ground. But first, let’s plan on getting early season weeds out of the way that are warming up in the soil, waiting to get a jumpstart on th...

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January 22 2018

Pick your pathogen protection

Winter’s cold grip across the country isn’t deterring the soil pathogens that lie in wait for spring warmth and seeding to start their destruction on field crop yields and plant health. Pythium, phytophthora and aphanomyces are three root rots th...

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November 3 2016

Free wireworm protection

If you grow cereals in Western Canada, you know wireworms are a prevalent pest. They can be almost anywhere and have a long life span. As you consider seeding choices for 2017, don’t overlook a cereal seed treatment option that gives you disease...

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October 14 2016

Valtera is the answer this fall

Collin Schultz has a lot of great reasons why ValteraTM deserves a spot in your fall weed control plans. He knows it’s the one product with exceptional residual activity to provide fall, spring and in-season weed control. Schultz is a territory ...

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April 26 2016

Which weed control will it be?

As spring finally breaks and planting 2016 kicks in, the choices for effective weed control are endless. If you still have time to consider a pre-seed burndown in your area, or you are evaluating in-crop options, look for solutions with multiple mode...

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April 21 2016

What makes a great weed?

Well that depends on your perspective. If you are a weed, you’re great when you can survive and thrive, and even put up some resistance. If you are growing the crop, the only good weed is a dead weed. Managing herbicide resistance is on everyo...

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