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BroadStar® is a granular herbicide that contains the active ingredient flumioxazin, 0.25%. It provides long lasting pre-emergence residual control of many broadleaf weeds. BroadStar provides an exceptional value that allows you to offer more and make more – a perfect solution for your highest value customers. Successful weed control in nursery ornamental production begins with timely applications of the most effective herbicides. Once ornamental plants are established, a pre-emergence application of BroadStar helps ensure weed-free containers and is an excellent resistance management tool to maximize the efficacy of your granular herbicide program. Plus, the proven performance of BroadStar provides the longest residual control of a broad spectrum of tough weeds.


  • Proven granular pre-emergence weed control to avoid costly hand weeding
  • Longest residual performance – 8 to 12+ weeks of control (rate dependent)
  • Broad-spectrum control of tough broadleaf weeds
  • No root pruning
  • Excellent crop safety

Target weeds

  • controls liverwort and hairy bittercress/snapweed
  • suppresses common groundsel and common chickweed