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Our Logo

The Nufarm Logo contains two elements: The ‘n’ Symbol and the Wordmark ‘Nufarm’.


The upright stem of the ‘n’ Symbol reflects the science that is central to Nufarm. It is
a stylised benzine ring that represents the industrial chemistry around which our products are built.
The stylised leaf represents growth, the environment and new life. Our products are used in the efficient production of food and fibre, essential to the growth and development of individuals and societies.


‘Nu’ signifies innovative and differentiated ways of providing solutions to our customers, and ‘farm’ indicates the company’s focus
on agriculture.



Nufarm was established in Melbourne, Australia in the mid 1950s. Founder Max Fremder began selling phenoxy herbicides to professional spray applicators in regional Victoria and quickly established a reputation for excellent customer service and good quality products


The company moved to its present head office location at Laverton North in 1972, with the corporate headquarters located adjacent to Nufarm’s largest manufacturing facility.


Beginning in the mid 1980s, Nufarm was a subsidiary of New Zealand based Fernz Corporation. The Nufarm crop protection business continued to grow and expand.


A number of overseas locations were established throughout the 1990s.


In 2000, Fernz migrated the incorporation of the company to Australia and changed the group’s name to Nufarm Limited. Since that time, the company has focused on building a global platform for its core crop protection business and has divested various industrial and specialty chemical business.


Various acquisitions and solid organic growth have seen the business rapidly expand. Nufarm is now ranked the 8th largest crop protection company in the world, with a clear leadership position in Australia and substantial operations in North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and Asia.